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ESIC (Employees State Insurance Corporation) Management Software

ESIC Management Softwar is very useful the organisations / companies which are covered under EISC Corporation for compliance and remittance of statutory forms towards ESIC. The minimum data entry and reporting is the main feature of this software. Through this software after feeding wages for ESIC deduction and no. of days present of emolyee you can get following reports and forms.

  • Monthly Challan (In Quadruplicate)
  • Contribution Register
  • Form 5
  • EC (Employees Contribution) Statement
  • Form No. 7

There is no need of any extra data entry to get six monthly returns such as Form No. 5, EC Statement at the end of half year. As you go doing month by month entries half yearly return will be automatically prepared.

It is multiuser software with different rights for different user.

Hundreds of our clients using this software throughout India, some of them are multinationals. Use this software to fast, accurate maintaining and submission of Statutory ESIC records.

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Profession Tax Software (for Maharashtra)

The Companies / Organisation which is covered under Maharashtra Profession Tax can manage their profession tax compliance with this software. This software includes Form 3 (Monthly Challan for remittance of PT, PT deduction monthly and yearly summary, Monthly Register... Contact Us for Demo

    EPF Management Software
This software is a useful for maintaining and submitting challans and various forms to the Employees Provident Fund Organisation for the un-exempted establishments. It includes Monthly Challan, Form 12A, Contribution Register, Form 3A, Form 6A, Form 5, Form 10, Reconciliation Statement and many other useful forms & feautres.
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